Plant varieties suited to raised beds

In recent years raised beds have been popping up everywhere – in gardens, on balconies and on patios – and with good reason. They’re mostly very easy to construct and there’s a wealth of products available as well as information on how to fill them up with branches and twigs, foliage, compost and garden earth. So all that’s needed is the plants to live in them!

The great thing about raised beds is clearly the practical benefit of their height, which makes growing plants, tending them and harvesting easy on the back. The challenge, though, is choosing the right plants.

Given the limited space available you need to think carefully about what and how much you want to grow. With vegetables in particular the best varieties are those that don’t need much space but still produce a good crop. Or you can choose varieties that grow fast and mature quickly, so that you can harvest and re-sow another crop straight away.

Here you’ll find our recommended varieties that will feel perfectly at home in a raised bed.