Seeds for flowering summer annuals and herbaceous perennials

Our flower seed range includes purely ornamental and decorative plants – but also, above all, flowering plants that have other benefits and uses besides looking beautiful.
There are flowers here that work well as companion plants for herbs and vegetables, for example, and flowering plants that are also medicinal herbs, used for seasonings and teas. There are edible plants, flowering vegetables, and plants that are nectar-rich, making them a food source for beneficial insects.

Originally plants were probably seen mainly as a food or remedy, and humans were only interested in flower seeds for their potential as a food source. Plants only started to be grown for their beauty when settled societies had sufficient time and leisure for aesthetic pleasures. But even this happened a long time ago now: domestic flower beds now have a long tradition behind them, and have almost replaced the cultivation of useful plants.

Many old varieties were historically grown in traditional cottage gardens both for their appearance and for their culinary or medicinal uses. And it’s not just classic summer flowers that will enhance your garden but also beautiful, low-maintenance ornamental perennials and winter-hardy flowers. You can shop our range of flower seeds here – as well as discovering other unusual ornamental plants.