Seeds for edible wild herbs – often historic favourites we have recently forgotten

There are many, many wild herbs growing in our immediate environment – but we don’t even know what they are. This is a real shame in many respects – this is knowledge our great-grandparents may still have possessed, age-old knowledge that has been lost in the present day.

The lovely thing about using edible wild herbs is that they are a natural and healthy way of supplementing our diet.

They offer many advantages, including:
  • Abundant nutrients: Wild herbs are often rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They can be a good source of vitamin C, iron, calcium and other nutrients.
  • Diverse flavours: Edible wild herbs bring a multitude of flavours to our food. They might be spicy, bitter, or nutty – adding a whole new taste dimension to our mealtimes.
Growing edible wild herbs in our own gardens is really rewarding – in most cases they are very undemanding, needing no specific care or fertiliser. Plus there’s the fact that collecting them in their natural environment is hard work – with the added risk of confusing these herbs with other inedible or even poisonous plants.
Wild herbs by the roadside have often also been contaminated with pesticides, exhaust fumes and other pollutants that can affect their quality and taste and might even be harmful to our health. Growing and harvesting them yourself is safe and easy!