Calendar Sowing Kits - Organic vegetable seeds grouped by their sowing time

We created this new range of seed kits for the 2023 growing season: they’re available as kits for each calendar month, or larger kits for each season of the year. The kit provides you with a selection of mainly vegetable seeds you can sow at once because that month of the year is the right time for sowing them.

Each monthly seed kit contains seven different plant varieties. The seeds are all open-pollinated and certified organic. For each month there’s a basic seed kit, for home use or for pro gardeners, containing just the seven seed packets. And there’s also a gift seed kit for each month, presented in our beautiful gift box, and also containing the seven seed packets plus a sowing guide (in German and English) with wonderful hand-drawn illustrations and a greetings card for you to write a special message for the recipient.

You will also find our quarterly seed kits here. These are larger, containing a specially created selection of 12 different plant varieties that can be sown in spring, summer, autumn and even in winter. The seeds are securely packed in our large gift box which also contains sowing guides in German and English and a greetings card.

All our seed kits are plastic-free and sustainably produced. The varieties they contain can be grown in a raised bed or a garden.

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