Seed Saving Kits

We’re very proud to introduce our brand new product range:
Seed Saving Kits

We’ve been fine-tuning these kits for a number of years now as the task we’d set ourselves was by no means straightforward. What we wanted to do was offer you, our customers, a hands-on experience of what the concept “open-pollinated” means in reality.
At Magic Garden Seeds we only sell open-pollinated seeds – but what exactly does that mean, and how does it benefit you as a gardener?

At the heart of these Seed Saving Kits is our new, in-depth booklet all about seed saving. It’s packed with information – distilling our extensive knowledge on this subject – along with helpful illustrations. You can draw on this fund of expertise to harvest your own open-pollinated seeds from your own plants in the future – becoming a plant breeder in your own right.

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