Advent Calendars

Savour the magical time of Advent with our unique Seed Advent Calendars! Sprinkle some magic in your home and delight your loved ones with this special gift – a gift that celebrates Advent and also looks forward to a future full of growth and flowers.

Imagine opening one of the Advent envelopes each day and happily anticipating the coming gardening year. Our lovingly designed Advent Calendars contain 24 packets of seeds waiting to be discovered. There’s a surprise or two here for everyone, from seasoned gardeners to complete beginners.

Maybe you’ll choose our "Sea of Wildflowers" Advent Calendar? Here you’ll find 24 different flower varieties that will transform your garden into a colourful sea of blooms. Or maybe you’re inspired by herbs and aromatic plants? Then our "Wondrous World of Herbs" Advent Calendar is the one for you. From Basil to Rosemary – you’ll find everything here to bring culinary delight, and create your own home pharmacy, too.

For those of you who’d love to grow your own veg we’ve put together our "Grow-Your-Own Garden Feast" Advent Calendar. Tomatoes, courgettes, carrots and many other varieties are all ready for sowing – and harvesting later in the year. There’s nothing like the pleasure of eating food you’ve grown yourself.

Urban and beginner gardeners will love our specially created Advent Calendars "Your Garden in the City" and "Vegetable, Herb & Flower Seeds". Both contain varieties perfect for beginners, from right across the wonderful world of plants.

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