Monthly seed sowing calendar for sowing your plants directly outdoors

In this category you will find all our seeds put in order, according to their ideal seasonal sowing period for direct cultivation outdoors, adjusted as to correspond with the climatic conditions in Germany and central Europe. Depending on your home base, climatic requirements might vary slightly and may need further consideration.

It is our intention to provide you with a better overview in regards to which plants to sow when, considering the ideal conditions to start their cultivation directly outdoors, month by month. Should you find yourself with free space in your plant pots or vegetable patches during the gardening year, you will now be able to find out instantaneously, which plants you could sow directly to fill the gaps. Our sowing calendar is also a super useful tool to map out your entire yearly vegetable growing timetable, considering that some vegetable plants take only short periods to ripen and would therefore permit other vegetable plant varieties to succeed them.

Of course there is also always the option to start the sowing process early, either indoors, in a greenhouse our with the help of a cold frame. Individual advice will be supplied with each article. In some cases it may even be highly recommendable to start the germination process as an indoors pre-culture, particularly if certain plant varieties may need warmer temperatures to germinate or take a long time to ripen, which can sometimes be tricky with our unpredictable summer periods falling short. Chilli plants and tomato plants for example might stop to grow further or to reach their harvesting stages if average temperatures fall below 10°C. Plants sensitive to frosts in their early development stages may also benefit from the stable conditions provided by pre-culture cultivation and therefore reach maturity early. Particularly plants not necessarily at home in our local climates, among them many vegetable-, and herb varieties, often do not survive the reoccurring night frosts common for a short period in mid May, nicknamed the ‘Frost Saints’ or the ‘Ice Saints’.