These seven themes are gateways to our vast range of seeds, covering more than 1,000 plant varieties in all. Whether you’re looking for vegetables, herbs or flowers, you can be sure of finding just the plant you need – there’s something here for every gardener and every individual garden.

Read moreOur special passion has always been heirloom and open-pollinated varieties and the biodiversity they help to preserve. So there’s a huge choice of heirloom vegetables, herbs and medicinal plants here, as well as an extensive range of ethnobotanical plants from all over the world.

Immerse yourself in our magic garden – and share our fascination with the world of plants.

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Our carefully curated seed kits are brilliant for finding the best plant varieties on any gardening theme.

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heirloom & delicious

Vegetable seeds

Heritage or heirloom vegetables are the traditional varieties grown by the gardeners and farmers of days gone by. The seeds were passed from generation to generation, producing robust plants perfectly adapted to their environment. Intense flavours are a typical feature of these varieties.
Often they fell out of favour simply because they weren’t well suited to commercial cultivation. But for home gardens (and kitchens!) they are a wonderful treasure.

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wild & colourful

Flower seeds

Wild and luxuriant, vibrantly colourful and full of life – that’s how you want a flower garden to be. The 12 selected flower varieties in this set are a huge step towards achieving this goal. They include summer-flowering annuals, hardy perennials and wild flowers.
All the varieties are easy to grow in a garden or raised bed, or in pots, producing an array of beautiful, colourful blooms to gladden heart and soul – and many beneficial insects besides – from early summer through to the first frosts.


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We're passionate about preserving biodiversity – which is why we’ve been selling only open-pollinated seeds for more than 25 years.