The Wild Garden Corner (Organic) - Seed kit
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The Wild Garden Corner (Organic) - Seed kit

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Seed kit
Organic certification Temporarily out of stock
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Everywhere one reads currently in the garden magazines that it is important to reserve at least one corner in the garden for the 'wild growth'. Many wild plants are extremely important food plants for useful insects such as bees, bumble bees,
butterflies and the others. Of course, you can leave this wild corner of the garden to yourself, but of course you can also create it a bit by sowing good food plants there. Many wildflowers and wild herbs have a high ornamental value and can enrich the garden optically.

This seed set contains organic seeds for six proven forage plants used by many insects:
  • Common nettle (organic) (Urtica dioica)
    An impressive all-rounder and certainly not an unloved weed: Traditional medicinal plant, edible wild plant, important food for useful insects, pesticides and fiber supplier.
  • Common speedwell (organic) (Veronica officinalis)
    Known in the Middle Ages as a miracle cure, today it adorns the garden. Preferably in semi-shade, dry locations.
  • Lacy phacelia (organic) (Phacelia tanacetifolia)
    It is extremely popular with bumblebees, bees and butterflies as a source of nectar. Because of its beautiful flowers it is also an attraction in the cottage garden and an appreciated green manure.
  • French hollyhock, tree mallow (organic) (Malva sylvestris ssp.mauritiana)
    A cultivar of the wild mallow with beautiful flowers that appear in a dark pink with a dark purple flower base.
  • Wild teasel, fuller's teasel (organic) (Dipsacus fullonum)
    Beautiful wild biennial whose fruit stands are very decorative, especially in winter. An important food plant for many insects and birds.
  • Common tansy (organic) (Tanacetum vulgare)
    Traditional medicinal plant, dyer plant, plant protection plant and food plant for many useful insects.
The seeds of each variety are packaged in a separate sachet.

You will receive seeds that have been lovingly produced at certified European organic farms. MagicGardenSeeds GmbH is also certified and regularly inspected by the controlling body: DE-ÖKO-037.
The Wild Garden Corner (Organic) - Seed kit
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