Balcony Veggies - Seed kit
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Balcony Veggies - Seed kit

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It is possible to enjoy your very own vegetable garden even if you only have a balcony at your disposal, with limited amounts of space. It might be slightly too ambitious to aim for self-sufficiency but growing and harvesting your own ripe
vegetables and herbs will certainly raise your quality of life and happiness.

For this seed kit we therefore hand selected 7 vegetable varieties, which grow well in pots and boxes:
  • Radish 'Sora' (Raphanus sativus)
    'Sora' is a crunchy, bright red radish variety with nicely round radishes, which is suitable for all year round cultivation.
  • Cocarde lettuce 'Salad Bowl' (Lactuca sativa)
    'Salad Bowl' is a beautiful, re-growing oak leaf lettuce variety with a long lasting harvesting period.
  • Wild wall-rocket/ annual wall-rocket 'Rucola selvatica' (Diplotaxis muralis)
    'Rucola selvatica' is a fast spreading and very aromatic Italian rucola salad, which can be harvested continuously up until the time when it starts to flower.
  • Pea 'Kelvedon wonder' (Pisum sativum)
    'Kelvedon wonder' is an early producing, short growing pea variety with beautiful white flowers.
  • Courgette/ zucchini 'Cocozelle di Tripolis' (Cucurbita pepo)
    'Cocozelle di Tripolis' is a delicious and highly decorative Italian courgette plant variety whose crops have a lovely green stripy pattern.
  • Dwarf bush bean 'Delinel' (Phaseolus vulgaris)
    'Delinel' is a robust dwarf bean variety with lovely stringless green pods.
  • Bush tomato 'Outdoor Girl' (Solanum lycopersicum)
    'Outdoor Girl' is a wonderful, robust English bush tomato variety, which produces small aromatic red tomatoes in abundance.
The seeds of each variety are packaged in a separate sachet.
Balcony Veggies - Seed kit
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