Indian Shot (Canna indica)
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Indian Shot (Canna indica)

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The Indian Shot is a decorative plant which - other than its name may indicate - is native to the Caribbean and South America. In Europe, Canna Indica is primarily known as an indoor plant because of its beautiful flowers.
In the tropics, it is also grown for its large, starchy rhizomes which imply its relationship to ginger. These are relatively fibrous but edible and can, similar to arrowroot, be processed into flour and eaten as a root vegetable. Therefore, very young bulbs are harvested and boiled. They have a pleasantly sweet flavour but have to be soft-boiled long enough.

Contrary to many other tropical plants, the Canna can also be cultivated outdoors in Central Europe where it impresses with its imposing height of up to 2 meters. The aerial plant parts freeze to death in autumn but the rhizome can stay in the soil during winter and sprout again in spring. It should be protected from the frost with a layer of foliage, fresh soil, or another cover.

Canna Indica seeds, content: 5 Indian Shot seeds
Details: Plant description & care
Plant family:
Plant height approx.:
120 – 200 cm
Flowering time:
Flower colour:
Root system :
Lifecycle :
full sun
Sowing & cultivation
Indoor pre-culture (seedling stage):
Sowing time outdoors:
Sowing depth:
0.5 cm
Best germination temperature :
25 – 28 °C
Germination time in days:
10 – 30
Planting distance:
40 x 40 cm
Main harvest:
Tropical plant for balcony, patio, or greenhouse. It also thrives indoors. Planting into a flowerbed is also possible when it is pruned back before the first frosts in autumn and the rhizomes can hibernate in the soil protected by a thick layer of earth.

In garden cultivation, Canna is mainly reproduced by rhizomes, and the growing from seeds is considered complicated - if you respect some tips, it is, however, relatively unproblematic. The seeds germinate quickly if the hard husk is filed a little (do not hurt the seed inside the husk, though!). Afterward, you can pre-soak the slightly filed seeds in water for about 24 and then sow them approximately 1 cm deep in pots. Ideally, use coconut soil and keep the seedlings warm. When sowing in January, the first blossoms may already show up in July.
Other names
Botanical name:
c. coccineac. edulisc. ellipticifolia var. coccineac. luteacanna indica
German names:
achiraaustralische pfeilwurzessbare cannaindisches blumenrohrkapacho
Spanish names:
caña de indias
Item number
Magic Garden Seeds
Seed quantity:
5 Pcs.


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