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Medlar (Mespilus germanica) Seeds

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In Medieval Europe medlar was cultivated for its brown fruits, which were harvested after the first frost once rotting had set in and usually used in making jams and alcoholic drinks. It can be grown either as a lonely shrub or grafted onto hawthorn.
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Growing instructions
Hardy tree growing to 10m. Prefers a moist well-drained soil and sunny position or partial shade. Sow in a "cold frame" in summer. Seeds usually germinate in late winter of the same or next year.

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Buy Medlar (Mespilus germanica) seeds in our online store. Magic Garden Seeds is specialized in ethnobotanical, rare and unusual plants. In our Ethnobotanicals section you find seeds from plants which have medicinal or ritual uses. Since the beginning of civilization, people have used plants as medicine. In the Heirloom Vegetable Seeds section you find Heritage Seeds that are handed from one generation to the next sometimes for hundred years.