Passion Flower

The plant genus of passion flowers (Passiflora) includes 530 species that originate primarily from the tropical and subtropical regions in Central and South America. They are almost always perennial vines or climbing plants with beautiful flowers.
One very well known cultivar is the blue passion flower, which is often found as a creeping and flowering houseplant in homes - and of course the passion fruit. Although most people will likely have encountered it in processed form as delicious fruit juice or ice cream, it is in fact a beautiful flowering passion flower.
Passion flowers do not need a lot of care and are undemanding in terms of soil quality. Some species are not only resistant to frost, but even completely winter hardy. They are easy to grow from seed, although they have a very irregular germination behavior - if the seeds of Passiflora edulis are freshly harvested from the fruit, they will often germinate within a week or 14 days, while in other cases, and with other types of passion flower, the process may take months.
In any case, passion flower seeds will germinate better if they are slightly roughened with sandpaper or a file prior to sowing and are then drenched with warm water and left to soak for about 24 hours.

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