Leaf Greens and Spinach Seeds

Seeds of spinach plants and leafy greens. This refers to all vegetables whose leaves and stems can be eaten, independently of whether they are raw or cooked. Spinach is the classic leafy green, in addition to all types of cabbage and lettuce varities. The term leafy vegetables is not a botanical designation, but rather comes from food science. European cuisine knows many dishes with leafy vegetables - above all certainly lettuce which is mostly eaten raw. Traditionally this involves green lettuce varieties such as iceberg lettuce, however there are so many other leafy vegetables like dandelion, lamb's lettuce, watercress or purslane which make a delicious salad. As cooked leafy vegetables spinach, all kinds of cabbage and leeks in all its forms are the most popular.

Especially among leafy vegetables there are many plant species which can not be found in any supermarket. These include plants such as orache, spoonwort, sea cabbage, ice plant and many more.