Heirloom Carrot Seeds

Heirloom carrot seeds of red, yellow, white and purple varieties. The color of a carrot depends on the variety, the type of cultivation and the climate. Still, the yellow-orange coloured carrot is regarded as the standard carrot in most cuisines. The wild carrot in contrast has white roots and is originally from the Mediterranean region.
Already around 60 B.C., the Greeks and Romans have used carrots as medicinal plants. Today you can find wild carrots on nutrient-rich pastures and weed fields all around Europe. Today's carrot is probably a result of the crossing of the wild carrot, also known as the black carrot, and the giant carrot. The yellow and red-violet species are native to Persia and arrived in Europe in the 12th century via Spain. Carrots therefore also definitely belong to the old crop species. Only the roots are harvested and eaten raw, cooked, canned or consumed as a juice. In Europe, carrots are the second most grown vegetable species after tomatoes.

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