Green Smoothie Seeds - grow wild herbs and healthy plants in your own garden

Vegan food is all the rage, and Green smoothies are increasingly found on the menus of many people. What is meant by Green Smoothie? A very healthy and tasty drink from 50% green leafy vegetables and / or herbs and 50% fruit puree, all mixed with a little water in a blender.
It is particularly interesting to grow your own smoothie plants because most of them are very easy to care for and even grow wild in your garden as weeds. The 'leaf green' part of a Green smoothie may consist of any known lettuce and cabbage varieties, enriched with wild herbs such as stinging nettle, dandelion and ground elder leaves and basically all known kitchen herbs - depending on how you want your smoothie to taste.

Green smoothies contain many vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and plenty of chlorophyll. Regular consumption is said to boost the immune system and increase vitality. If you like a wide variety of flavours, you should consider going self-sufficient and cultivate the herbs yourself.

Once you've started growing your own herbs for green smoothies, there are also many very healthy seeds you can harvest and use for your drinks. Either you soak them in water, roast them or grind them into a powder - seeds can be the perfect ingredient for seasoning your smoothies.

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