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Beetroot 'Crapaudine' (Beta vulgaris) Seeds

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'Red Crapaudine' is known from as early as the 17th century and loved in gourmet cookingfor its excellent taste, e.g. in salads. This variety has a lot of violet juice which is tasty and healty. The whole root is especially rich in minerals and vitamins and in tradional medicine known as hemopoietic.
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Growing instructions
Plant seed clusters in april to may 1 inch deep and 1 inch apart with rows 1.5 feet apart in part shade. Germinating time is 2 weeks at 10-20 Celsius. Beets do well in loose, well-worked soil, that is not acidic with some sand and some clay.You can harvest them august to october, so it takes about 60 days for a beet to reach about 1.5 inches in diameter. Tip:Twist leaves off of harvested beets rather than cutting them in order to minimize "bleeding".

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Buy Beetroot 'Crapaudine' (Beta vulgaris) seeds in our online store. Magic Garden Seeds is specialized in ethnobotanical, rare and unusual plants. In our Ethnobotanicals section you find seeds from plants which have medicinal or ritual uses. Since the beginning of civilization, people have used plants as medicine. In the Heirloom Vegetable Seeds section you find Heritage Seeds that are handed from one generation to the next sometimes for hundred years.