Tomato Seed Kits

Tomatoes taste most delicious of all when they’ve just been harvested. They’re super-easy to grow, and can even be grown in large flower pots. It just needs to be warm enough – so in Central European climates, despite the effects of climate change, tomatoes will still generally need a sheltered position in a greenhouse, or by a house wall where the eaves offer some protection. But growing your own tomatoes is something we totally recommend – it’s always well worth the effort.

And if you’re finding it difficult to choose among the many, many tomato varieties available then our Tomato Seed Kits could be just what you need.
We’ve created these kits with particular qualities or attributes in mind – tomatoes that grow especially well in pots, for example, or colourful varieties, or tomatoes selected for their flavour or sweetness. Hopefully this will make choosing easier!
The kits generally contain between 3 and 6 packets of different tomato seeds. Which means you’re all set up for a fabulous harvest of delicious, fresh, home-grown tomatoes.

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