Shade-loving plants

Most plants prefer sunny locations, so very often we will find ourselves at a loss which plants to choose for shady or half-shade spots in the garden, for example beneath trees, next to imposing garden walls or hedges.

Or one might realize that the alignment of the garden itself does not promote much sunlight to reach the ground (when a garden faces north ways for example). Fortunately there are plants which love the shade or grow well in half-shade positions, so it is possible to create a beautiful environment in your garden despite more difficult conditions.
A good starting point for research would be to study the local plants that naturally thrive in shady habitats such as forests, which offer many examples for the diversity of flowers, ferns and grasses available that would work well in a shady garden.
It has to be said though that fewer shade-loving plants will stand out for their extensive flowering periods, however they often have larger foliage and look very decorative due to their interesting structure.

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