Strawberry seeds of white and red varieties and of wood strawberries, the wild strawberry type. Archaeological records show that strawberries were known as a food as early as the Stone Age, and attempts have been made in the Middle Ages to cultivate wood strawberries.
The aroma of freshly picked strawberries from your own garden is simply unmatched - a summer without fresh strawberries is unthinkable. By the way: from a botanical perspective, strawberries are no berries but rather accessory fruit.

Most strawberries are grown from cuttings, growing them from seed is a little more complex. The best time for sowing strawberry seeds is mid-February to early March. Then the seedslings get sufficient light to germinate and are large enough to be planted out in early summer. Strawberry seeds need light to germinate. It is thus recommended to mix them with sand and spread this mixture uniformly in seedling trays. The seeds should not be entirely covered with soil, only with a very fine layer of seed compost.

Alternatively, you can cover the seeds with a thin paper towel or a sheet of glass. Keep the sowing slightly moist at all times, but avoid waterlogging, so the tiny seeds will not get washed down into the soil. To germinate, strawberry seeds need at least 18 °C and a lot of light. Depending on the variety, after 2-3 weeks you'll see the first tender shoots.

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