Garlic & Onion

Vegetable seeds for wild garlic, Japanese bunching onion and many more bulb vegetables like garlic, onion or other Alliaceae. The classic kitchen onion (Allium cepa) actually belongs to the oldest cultivated medicinal plants, spices and vegetables. Onions have been cultivated since more than 5000 years ago and were highly revered in many cultures.
Onion remains have been found in pyramids as grave goods, intended as a viaticum for the journey to the afterlife. Later on, Roman legionnaires spread the onion all over Central Europe. Where this plant actually originated is not known because there only crop varieties remain - there are no more wild onions. In addition to the kitchen onions there are of course spring onions (Allium fistulosum) - also known as winter or bunching onion - the mountain leek (Allium senescens), the vineyard leek (Allium vineale) and wild garlic or bear's garlic (Allium ursinum).

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