Herb Seeds

Herbaceous plants are probably the most important spontaneously occurring wild plants. With the exception of a few woody plants or semi-shrubs, only herbaceous plants bear the designation "herbs, " whether for their medicinal purposes, for their culinary suitability, or because they are commonly known as weeds.
with 3 aromatic & beautifully flowering varieties for seasoning & fumigating
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{"list_position":140,"systype":"article","name":"Sage Varieties (Organic) - Seed kit","id":"MA-00088","list_name":"tree-240"}
with 5 essential  herb varieties in certified organic quality
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{"list_position":141,"systype":"article","name":"Classical Culinary Herbs (Organic) - Seed kit","id":"MA-00076","list_name":"tree-240"}
with 5 traditional culinary herb varieties that should always be fresh available
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{"list_position":142,"systype":"article","name":"Herbs of French cuisine - seed kit","id":"MA-00073","list_name":"tree-240"}
with 5 classic Italian herb varieties traditionally used in antipasti, pizza and pasta recipes
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{"list_position":143,"systype":"article","name":"Bella Italia Herbs seed kit","id":"MA-00072","list_name":"tree-240"}
4 aromatic herb varieties
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{"list_position":144,"systype":"article","name":"Barbecue herbs - seed kit","id":"MA-00071","list_name":"tree-240"}
with 6 aromatic herb varieties for seasoning seafood
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{"list_position":145,"systype":"article","name":"Fresh herbs for fish dishes - seed kit","id":"MA-00070","list_name":"tree-240"}
with 3 very different aromatic basil varieties
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{"list_position":146,"systype":"article","name":"Basil Diversity - seed kit","id":"MA-00066","list_name":"tree-240"}
with 5 varieties to grow your own culinary herbs
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{"list_position":147,"systype":"article","name":"'Windowsill kitchen herbs'","id":"MA-00058","list_name":"tree-240"}
with 7 varieties to grow the classic French kitchen herb mix
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{"list_position":148,"systype":"article","name":"Herbes De Provence - Seed kit","id":"MA-00047","list_name":"tree-240"}
with 4 aromatic varieties to add beauty &  flavour to salads, finger food platters &  puddings
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{"list_position":149,"systype":"article","name":"Edible Flowers - Seed kit","id":"MA-00044","list_name":"tree-240"}
with 8 different aromatic herbs
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{"list_position":150,"systype":"article","name":"Large Assortment Of Basil - Seed kit","id":"MA-00036","list_name":"tree-240"}
with13 rare varieties
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{"list_position":151,"systype":"article","name":"Exquisite Vegetable & Herbal Delicacies - Seed kit","id":"MA-00029","list_name":"tree-240"}
with 11 varieties
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{"list_position":152,"systype":"article","name":"European Medicinal Plants & Cloister Garden Classics - Seed kit","id":"MA-00015","list_name":"tree-240"}
Welsh onion 'White Lisbon' (Allium fistulosum) organic
Organic certification Brand new!
{"list_position":153,"systype":"article","name":"Welsh onion 'White Lisbon' (Allium fistulosum) organic","id":"MA-1349","list_name":"tree-240"}
Orange Scented Thyme (Thymus fragrantissimus)
{"list_position":154,"systype":"article","name":"Orange Scented Thyme (Thymus fragrantissimus)","id":"THY02","list_name":"tree-240"}
Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana)
{"list_position":155,"systype":"article","name":"Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana)","id":"STE01","list_name":"tree-240"}
Houseleek / Homewort (Sempervivum tectorum)
{"list_position":156,"systype":"article","name":"Houseleek / Homewort (Sempervivum tectorum)","id":"SEM01","list_name":"tree-240"}
Rhubarb 'Glaskins Perpetual' (Rheum rhabarbarum) organic
Organic certification
{"list_position":157,"systype":"article","name":"Rhubarb 'Glaskins Perpetual' (Rheum rhabarbarum) organic","id":"RHE01-BIO","list_name":"tree-240"}
Chinese Rhubarb (Rheum rhabarbarum)
{"list_position":158,"systype":"article","name":"Chinese Rhubarb (Rheum rhabarbarum)","id":"RHE01","list_name":"tree-240"}
Water Pepper (Polygonum hydropiper)
{"list_position":159,"systype":"article","name":"Water Pepper (Polygonum hydropiper)","id":"POL01","list_name":"tree-240"}
In general, the term "herbs" usually refers to aromatic plants or spices used for cooking or medicinal plants.

But herbs can do much more than just improve the taste of your food or cure ailments - among them are plants which improve the structure of soil and thus promote the growth of other plants, and others which can be used to produce natural and biological pest control products. Some herbs are particularly important as a food source for useful insects such as bumble bees and bees, while others are suitable for coloring fabrics. And they all have in common that they are low-maintenance, grow in many different locations and are a truer asset for every garden.